Missing Roof Drip Edge

This is a Customer that has been experiencing roof leaks in blowing rains.  This picture shows that there is no drip edge on the roof at the gutter.  There is supposed to be a metal drip edge flashing that holds up the edge of the shingles at the gutter and prevents water from running under the roof shingles.  Without the drip edge rain water from blowing rain will get under the shingles and into the house.  This flashing should always be installed when a roof is installed.  In this case we have to install it under the existing shingles which is more of a challenge and increases the cost.  This is another example of trying to save money that ends up costing much more in the long run.  The first picture shows how a roof drip edge is supposed to be installed.

2 thoughts on “Missing Roof Drip Edge”

  1. How much would you say this would cost to install on a 1800 sqft single story house. I’m buying a 10 year old house that doesn’t have dripping edges nor gutters. I was wondering if this is a DIY or hire a professional since you have to install it under the edge of existing shingles.

  2. This is something that requires a professional. The drip edge is normally installed when the roof is replaced.

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