Repair Facing on Concrete Front Porch

What began as repair work to the stone facing on a concrete front porch, ended up a complete facelift with a beautiful finish. Our initial plan was to repair the original limestone facing that had cracked or fallen from the sides of the front porch. Once we were able to take a close look at the displaced stones and concrete, we found that there was more damage to the concrete behind the stones than was originally anticipated. The original limestone facing could not be repaired, so we removed the old stone and repaired the structural concrete of the porch. The facing was replaced with a phaux decorative stone layed in a brick pattern. The lighter color and smaller size of the decorative stone brighten the facing while also providing a more clean, modern look to the entire front porch.

One thought on “Repair Facing on Concrete Front Porch”

  1. Wow, this is some really good information about the concrete front porch. I love that you talked about using it with another stone. Using limestone does seem like a good way of getting a interesting looking porch.

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