Rotted Wood on Enclosed Patio Structure

Here is an example of what appears to just be some cosmetic damage in the stucco panel of an enclosed porch that actually turned out to be a lot worse. Once the panels were removed we found structural damage that had to be repaired. If you see rotted wood damage like this, it should be addressed as soon as possible so it doesn’t become a bigger issue and a lot more expensive.

This is a common problem where the outer siding or panels deteriorate and eventually water penetrates the structure and causes structural damage.  The damage can’t be seen until the siding or panels are removed.  Structural damage can be a lot more expensive to repair.

This is especially important these days because of some of the builder quality materials that do not hold up very well over time.  We also see a lot of paint jobs that were not prepared and primed properly.  Preparing wood properly and applying a good coat of primer will insure a high quality, long lasting paint job.  Two coats of paint do not give the same protection as a prime and paint coat.  A good paint job offers a lot of moisture protection to wood.

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