Do-It-Yourself Winter Home Protection Tips

Here are some tips for keeping the Winter weather from taking it’s toll on your home.  Checking these items can keep your heating bill down and prevent damage to your home this Winter.

  • Remove your hoses from the outside faucets. If left on the valve will freeze and break in the wall causing a leak to appear in the Spring when you go to use the hose.
  • Check weatherstrip around doors and windows. This can let in a lot of cold air and cost you more for heating. Older homes have older weatherstrip and it can be updated to a newer and better weatherstrip quite simply.
  • Be sure your windows close tightly and latch securely.
  • Installing storm windows on older single pane windows can help conserve energy.
  • If you have plumbing running through a crawl space you need to confirm that the pipes are not freezing. Insulation or heat tape on the pipes can help keep them from freezing.
  • Additional attic or wall insulation can help conserve energy.
  • Watch for ice dams forming on your roof. They can lead to water leaks when the ice/snow begins to melt. The ice dams keep water from flowing into the gutters or off the roof.

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